As astrology can be helpful for marriage, career and business, so can it be for litigation. Those who consider astrology as a hoax should think that court cases astrology are very useful for litigants. An able and qualified astrologer will resolve your court cases by date of birth and give you suggestions regarding litigations.  As a result, you will be able to take the right decision at the right time and will keep away from unnecessary hassles.

Saturn or Shani is the law and its enforcer in the Horoscope. It won’t be inappropriate if we call Him the Judge. Now, intrinsically Saturn is slow, crooked, has a broken leg, and is a fierce malefic.

So, what to expect of this severe malefic Saturn? Delays and unpleasing judgment. Those who come out victorious of court cases can feel the heat as they fatigue out because of this slow pace and alleged dis-arrayed understanding.

Can astrology tell me why I am getting involved in court cases?

Unless one has the ulterior motives, no one wants to get involved in court cases or legal matters. There can be only two reasons for court cases: First, your greed, over ambitiousness, and ulterior motives—second weak planetary position in your birth chart, allowing others to prevail upon you. As an astrologer, I can tell you why you are getting involved in court cases. First, make up your mind to believe in court cases astrology. You can have a bird’s eye view as to why you are getting involved in court cases, as described below. 

Many would not like to get entangled with a court case because:

  1. Justice is not guaranteed.
  2. There is an apprehension that the rich get ruling in their favour.
  3. Lots of time gets consumed.
  4. At the end of the judgment, it seems like it was a waste of time and energy.

Still, at times, a court case becomes inevitable. Then, there are specific rules to check the strength of the planets on your side and those against you.

Astrological tips whether to fight or drop a Court case

Now, based on the above result, at least one gets a suggestion or hint regarding the probability of winning or losing in litigation/court case. Another factor here is that no one wants to get entangled in court cases unless one has ulterior intentions. With a poor score above, one should try to look for:

  1. An out of court settlement.
  2. Need someone to mediate.
  3. To hold your esteem.
  4. Prompts you to prepare more.
  5. To check the competence of the lawyer helping you.
  6. The inclination of the Judge. It can be such that you may want to wait until the Judge gets transferred.
  7. Your timing.
  8. To prepare you mentally.
  9. To let you know how far to contest and when to let go.
  10. To make difficult decisions. 
  11. Listen to some right pieces of advice.
  12. To make you understand, not to dispute despite revenge.

Horoscope can show us the way. The strength of the sixth House, its Lord, the sixth House Nakshatra, the Bindus allotted in the Bhinnastaka- Varga of Mars all contribute to read your fate and let you know the eventual outcome.

Winning a court case is all about the ability to handle the malefic in the Horoscope. If malefic is controlled and its energies are aligned to empower the sixth House, the victory is always guaranteed.

The remedial measures also ensure that the sixth House becomes capable enough to deal with the court case’s complexes.

Just relax and let me evaluate your Horoscope and change the way your planets behave.