Why Astrology

How was Astrology Created?

Western Astrology vs. Vedic Astrology

•Greek- 2,000 years old
•Eastern- over 5,330 years old perhaps even more, around 25,000 years ago.

I wish I could just leave this chapter to the bullet points above, but, I will describe these two historic entities in a short chapter.

Eastern astrology as in Vedic “Hindu” astrology has been around in India for past 5.33 thousand years. Some say the sages of that time knew way more than we do now, and some say those sages back then were visited by beings from other worlds who taught them the science of planets and predicting through their movement, like the civilization of Anunnaki ‘Those who came from heaven’, according to Sumerians, who lived in Baghdad, Iraq back in that time. There are all kinds of tales and legends regarding the true origins of this subject. But Vedic astrology goes much more in depth than just your normal sun signs, moon signs and planetary positions, which I will teach you in this book.

The Greek astrology emerged through the roots of Vedic astrology, and the reason why we can tell this is because Greek astrology is missing about 70% of Vedic astrology predicting method, including 27 other zodiac signs which they never acknowledged, along with divisional charts.

Eastern astrology doesn’t consider planets such as Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto in your birth chart, as they are too far, and take too long to switch zodiac signs in making any kind of impact on a single individual. The two gas giants are only used to show the influence they will have on a whole generation, and, neither are they are visible in the sky. The sages back 5,000 years ago knew that only the planets that are visible in the sky will impact a person individually, even though they were aware of at least three other planets out in the vast space, but did not consider them for astrological use. The third planet may not have been Pluto, it actually might have been Nibiru.

I am not bashing the Roman system, but I just do not see the depth in their astrological system, and, the fact is I had my chart looked through the Greek system which was totally wrong. I didn’t say anything to the Greek astrologer, and just listened, but realized what every Vedic astrologer was talking about. I am using the term ‘Greek’ and not Western, because our normal sun sign based astrology was originated from Greece.

Not to mention, Greek System also got the degrees of the planets wrong. They went 23 degrees ahead of the Eastern system.

Degrees are points in the sky that determines the length of each Zodiac sign, and the location of the planet in those signs.

The reason why two systems have different degrees is because the old Vedic sages determined the position of the planets from the true rotation of the earth in 24 hour time period, while the Romans determined the degrees of the planet from the spring equinox point when Sun enters the first degree of the first zodiac sign Aries. Equinox is known as the point on the North and South Pole where the earth wobbles a bit, and shows the planets moving faster from certain point from earth.

Mayan, Egyptian and Hindu mapping of the sky are 99.999% same, and taken seriously even by the scientific community on star movement and mapping.

Remember, George Washington waited for the moon to enter into the sign of Virgo the night he was going to lay the first brick of the White House foundation. This fact will never be denied even by the highest scholars of our time. The entire structure of Washington D.C. has been energized with Black Magic rituals to keep its people, and perhaps the world under control by its gigantic monuments. Those structures are believed to be emitting a wave of energy or radiation which keeps the mind of most people under control of their agenda. This was the same reason why Pyramids were built, to energize the minds of its people, whether it was the Anunnakies or Egyptians who built them.  This practice of magic through  structural monuments was meant for the good by our forefathers of United States, but later, as the Knights of Malta gained more control on this side of the hemisphere, things began to change for the worst.